Andy Urwin

Andy Urwin is an artist and ceramicist originally from the Yorkshire dales.  He studied art at Harrogate College and then a BA in Studio Ceramics at Falmouth College of Art in Cornwall.

He first became inspired by houses after moving to London and became obsessed with drawing urban landscapes. Andy has carried on this theme to the present day, but now combines his two core values: art and nature. He makes ceramic houses using the traditional Japanese Raku technique: a rustic if somewhat precarious technique using all of nature’s elements: earth, air, fire and water. The wonderfully free and unpredictable nature of this process is what drives Andy to produce beautifully tactile, rustic Raku pieces.

We have many, many size and colour variations of Andy’s raku houses in the gallery – call in to see them all!

Andy’s work for the BRIGHTON: PLACES, SPACES & FACES exhibition showcases his raku-glazed ceramic skills when turned to the subject of fishing and sea.

Interested in buying one of these works and have a question? Email us with any queries, or call us on 01273 729729 (during opening hours).