Ann Petruckevitch

Ann is a Brighton-based photographer. Her practices and interests are varied; she explores image interpretations using a variety of techniques, such as camera-less film and digital media.

She creates technical challenges for herself to create images that attempt to capture the depth, shape and visual impact of the subject matter; she aims to present an organic method of exploration that is reflected in the eventual end-medium of the work.

She says “It is very much an evolving process, encouraging me to closely examine the living and abstract world and then form images that explore the spontaneous nature that subtly exists all around us.”

“I am constantly striving to observe and form my own unique frame of the visual situation laid out in front of me either in colour or in black and white, studying the subject matter and exploring its potential visual connection/interpretation beyond just representing the view in front of the camera, reshaping its context.”

For our HIGH 5 summer group show, Ann is showing 3 enlargements of photograms from the natural world. Created by direct light impression and exposure onto photographic paper, with the images pushed and manipulated in the darkroom (rather than digitally) these works have a ghostly and haunting presence.

  • Ann Petruckevitch
  • Ann Petruckevitch
  • Ann Petruckevitch

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