Barrie J Davies

Barrie J Davies’s artwork is an exotic cocktail of graffiti, street art, graphic art and pop art. He graduated in Fine Art from the Southampton Institute in 2000, and gained his Masters Degree at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff in 2004. He now lives and works in sunny Brighton, where his studio is situated in the wonderful Lanes. His work is inspired by social media, graffiti, consumerism, pop culture and the urban life he inhabits. His artwork is made with a mixture of acrylic, household paints, spray paint, glitter, screen printing, markers, comic books, digital print and found objects.

Barrie’s fun, colourful, psychedelic and subversive pop artwork is inspired by street art and has a humorous approach to expose the human condition: notions of success, money, glamour, love, death, sex, gender and religion, which are picked at with dry comedic use of tragedy meshed with absurdity. Barrie’s work is in many public and private collections worldwide, as well as being by owned by comedian Noel Fielding and superstar DJ Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim).

For Conclave’s 6th group show, “Hit for 6!” Barrie presents works from his “Super-Kate” and “Disco Dot” series. These are are all one-off, unique ORIGINAL works, a mix of screenprint, paints and mixed media. POPTASTIC.

For group show 9, Barrie is getting the big guns out, as we get to see a number of works from “The Queen” series. HRH has never looked so damned POP!

For his solo show, ARTWORLD, in our basement exhibition space (more info here) Barrie presented a variety of different mixed-media works with pop-culture at their heart. All are one-off, unique ORIGINAL works. Here are a few that are still available through Conclave:

Selected works are now available for immediate purchase in our online shop here. For queries, or to buy one of the other works, please email us, or call us on 01273 729729 (during opening hours).