Gallit Shaltiel

Gallit Shaltiel is an East Sussex-based artist and educator who has travelled, lived and studied in many countries gathering inspiration along the way. Her recent creative work lies at a cross over between art and illustration.

Gallit Shaltiel spent her childhood around auction halls and antique markets, living in houses with constantly changing objects, furnishings and locations. She believes this has influenced the surreal element of her work. Gallit’s work delves – through dark humour – into the realms of the subconscious, exploring memories, dreams and fears. The work forms a mischievous world where uncanny anatomy and objects often fragment and merge into one another, representing different states of mind.

Her work is created by starting with hand-cut card silhouettes (to keep a direct and human feel to the pieces) which are transformed through photography on a light box and then digitalised. The final, resulting works are limited edition giclee prints.

She has a background in Fine Art, sculptural installation, photography and, most recently, completed an MA in Sequential design and Illustration at the University of Brighton.

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