La Shuks

La Shuks creates mixed media artworks by building up layers of multiple hand-painted textures, photographs from her travels, as well as drawings, graphic images and patterns.

She says “I love the contrast of using photographs I’ve taken of nature, strong and grounded in real life, plus traditional techniques such as painting and drawing, and then using digital collaging techniques to morph them into a unique semi-real & semi-fantasy landscape.”

“There’s a theme running through my work, as it explores a re-imagined future world, featuring relics of long gone human days; logos, symbols, adverts and graffiti …left behind on Earth, these images and recurring motifs have, over time evolved to become part of the earth’s natural elements, gradually forming into flowers, fusing and weaving to become wind currents, rivers, waterfalls and a new evolution of species… it’s future nature!”

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