Louis TF

Louis TF is a Hove-based artist. He makes onecuts, multicuts and other forms of collage, as well as creating drawings and prints

Exploring humanity’s reliance on chance and the serendipitous seconds that give rise to a revelation of character or a twist in a tale, Louis’s onecuts are urgent, single edits that turn existing visual narratives on their head.

Louis also creates various series of drawings, exploring personal themes and also more illustrative pieces for commissioned work which are predominantly hand-drawn, with pencils or inks.

His drawings have appeared in books and magazines as well as on record sleeves, posters and clothing.

Landscape Features Series:

C.O.T.Y. (Collage of the Year) Series:

Of this series, Louis says:

Using a series of Photographic annuals from the 30s, 40s and 50s, Collage Of The Year (COTY) is an exercise in constraint using the restraints of Louis TF’s onecuts philosophy. 

Each piece combines 2 elements from the same annual, limiting the choice of amalgamations but enhancing and extending their narrative.

As per usual with the onecut approach, page numbers, titles and photographic credits remain visible where possible in the artworks; these pieces are not only a combination of two images but also of two minds.

Postcard Planet Series:

Miniature Abstracts Series:

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