MC Cashback

MC Cashback is a Brighton-based multi-disciplinary performer and artist. A painter, illustrator, and creator of interactive visual works, he also doubles up as Brighton’s very own rapping chef!

His visual arts practice is a reflection and musing on modern identity, most often using famous faces and pop-culture heroes, icons and scenarios to re-vision and praise the familiar, but his installations and interactive works also combine his love of music, food and art.

Previous works and exhibitions have included time-sensitive works where music was created and triggered by food degradation, and other interactive, multi/mixed-media works that used creative sound.

For CONCLAVE’s Group Show 3, he’s showing 3 original portrait paintings of pop-culture figures (Nick Cave, Snoop Dog and Jean-Michel Basquiat) and larger-scale, limited-edition prints of Grace Jones and Luther Vandross

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