Paul Malone Arts

Paul Malone is a Brighton-based artist and illustrator, inspired by his childhood (and continuing!) love of sci-fi B-movies, classic horror films and Japanese monster movies.

His artistic influences are the greats from the comics industry, for example; Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, Simon Bisley, Art Adams, Barry Winsor Smith, Arthur Sydnam and Richard Corben to name but a few… but every day he finds something new to inspire him to create more, and create differently.

Included in the works showing at Conclave are eight works from his comic book superheroes series: all instantly recognisable subjects, yet – delivered with his unique textural and style detailing and finish – they become so much more than just reproductions or homages to the subjects: they are the visualised spirit and core of the characters as Paul sees them.

Interested in buying one of these works and have a question? Email us with any queries, or call us on 01273 729729 (during opening hours).