Sanja Matkovic

Sanja was born and raised in the former Yugoslavia. Her love for creating digital, abstract stories comes from a need to elevate and restate what is considered “normality” in today’s society.

She takes photographs which are then used as a basis for new narratives through their application as layers and patterns.

Sanja’s move to Brighton made her feel free among people she hadn’t yet met. By developing a lot of love for her new home town she found ways to create worlds of imaginary joys, where curiosity has wings and lust for life is seen as a virtue.

Her work is being widely embraced internationally, and during 2019 she has shown in exhibitions in Rome, Chicago and – of course – Brighton!

Hew new work presented for the 7 Wonders group show includes the piece “Women Will Leave” of which she says:

This image came to life as a reflection of my struggle to leave an unhappy marriage and find the freedom I was missing and craving for. It’s about women who are wounded but full of life, determined to walk away and not to submit to the roles society is expecting of them. Through this work I’m celebrating women with the strength to walk away when that is exactly what they need to do.

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