Sophie Ralli

Sophie Ralli is a Brighton & Hove based artist who creates stream-of-consciousness artworks that describe themes of human connection, communication, energy and desire, which are the constant and core sources of inspiration for the artist.

Originally from West London, Sophie studied Ceramics at Central Saint Martins, but she now works predominately in pen, pencil and acrylic. Her works take the human form (and the traditional skill of life drawing) as their starting point, to which she then brings her unique, abstraction style that shows the spirit of expressionism, against the clean and controlled colour palette and lines of neo-plasticism.

As part of the LGBTQ community, her relocation to Brighton & Hove has greatly influenced her recent work, which frequently addresses themes of gender identity and fluidity. She is constantly questioning the idea of ‘self’ and the impact of the surrounding, physical environment on personal identity.

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