Thomas McNulty

Thomas McNulty works predominantly as a fine artist, creating work at the intersection of analog and digital methodology.

He draws on a rich history of socially active art-making, carrying this energy into his personal work. Over the course of 6 years, he founded three different art collectives: “Collective-Era”, “MVF” and “Collaboration Sessions”. These covered many, many projects using various media – normally in the public realm, frequently in environments not usually associated with fine art (such as night clubs) using both traditional and multi-media and digital methods.

He continued experimenting with digital techniques to produce 2d animation and design pieces, and has recently been working with 3D software to use these tools in unison to produce an aesthetically-distinct design and animation style.

He now works at the bridge between the hand-drawn and the digitally created: fusing the benefits of enhanced design control through digital methods, with the freehand energy of more analog and traditional techniques.

For our “Hit for 6” group show, Thomas presents 4 original one-off works: digitally inspired, but hand-executed acrylic paintings.

Interested in buying one of these works and have a question? Email us with any queries, or call us on 01273 729729 (during opening hours).