Vicky Scott

Vicky Scott is an illustrator from London, a graduate of the University of Brighton, but now living in Sheffield.

Her style is graphic, colourful, nostalgic and quirky, often characterized by including animals, hidden details and a narrative element. She finds inspiration almost anywhere; from the natural world to Art Deco architecture, psychedelic posters of the 1960s and the wallpapers of William Morris. Whilst her illustrations are created using a variety of techniques including drawing, paper cutting, paint and Photoshop, all maintain the same eye-catching and uplifting feel. You can expect her work to be quirky, tell a story and contain lots of unexpected elements to keep you entertained well beyond the first viewing!

She has worked on a diverse range of projects with clients including Paperchase, Stereovenus (album cover), the Elephant Family charity and Microsoft.

We also stock a range of greetings cards from Vicky Scott.

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