Need Ideas?

Like the idea of getting your hands on some very special limited-edition or original artworks, but don’t know where to start? We’ve put together a few themed galleries to give you a few ideas!

After something in particular that we haven’t mentioned? Feel free to drop us an email at

£20 (AND UNDER):

We know that sometimes budgets matter – here’s our range of works priced at £20 or less.


Patterns, geometrics, symbols, shapes, fully abstract and semi-abstracts, colour blocks, all that sort of thing!


From sea-creatures, to tigers, from insects to doormice, have a look through the snuffles and roars of the animal kingdom!

See also the separate sections on CATS and BIRDS.


From 20th century modernism and brutalist masterpieces to classical colonnades…artworks that use the built environment to improve your own home environment!


From owls to seagulls, flamingos to curlews…for all your feathery needs!


From the great outdoors to the plant pot on your windowsill – our artists will make those green fingers tingle with creative and visual pleasure!


For all things Brighton: from the pier to the Pavilion, from seagulls to sunsets, from music to mayhem…. Have a look at how our artists celebrate, interpret and present the great city of Brighton (and occasionally, a bit of Hove too!)

We shouldn’t. But we have. You can too. Purr-fect art for feline fans and fanciers!

Analogue, digital and everything in between. Whether the cut-and-paste is done with scissors and glue or a wired mouse, these collages and montages will have you seeing the world in a whole new way.

Sci-Fi, Star Wars, Doctor Who, cult TV & films, robots, fantasy worlds, comics, gaming, anime and all things your teenage self never grew out of (and shouldn’t have anyway!)

Get your inner geek on here!

The dark arts, magick, mystery, monsters, fables, witchcraft, rituals, and all the things you were afraid to ask about (but want on your walls nonetheless!) 

The devil made us do it!


When audio meets visual. Our artists celebrate the long history of the worlds of music and art colliding and collaborating.


Faces, bodies, portraits, people, figures, more figures and more people.

Our artists celebrate the human form in all its emotional beauty (and baggage!) 


Popular culture, icons, classic brands, familiar names, celebrated places, events and near-mythical memories.

Pop art celebrates (and sometimes taunts) our shared cultural experiences and re-presents them through alternative eyes. 


Hyperactive, hyper-colour, hyperreal  and hyper-happening.

Because sometimes more is MORE.

From the real to the imaginary – landscapes and scenes from around the world (and universe!) to make the mind wander…and wonder.

See also: our ARCHITECTURE section.

Street art, urban art, graffiti art, public art, mural art…call it what you like, and we’ve got lots of it! Here’s a taster of our favourites from Brighton’s (in)famous street art scene.

Our artists’ imaginations run wild in fantastical scenarios and imaginary objects.

If science and nature can’t provide it, then our artists can!