The Other Show! (June-July 2019)

Alongside our “BRIGHTON: PLACES, SPACES & FACES” show, Conclave is also exhibiting new works from some of our most exciting artists in the main gallery space during June and July 2019.


A.Pozas / Angus Vasili / Billy Chainsaw / Belles Petite / Louis Bowes / Richie Phoe


Brighton street artist, A.Pozas, presents his four-part “Famous Death” series (featuring Audrey Hepburn, Amy Winehouse, Albert Einstein and Che Guevara) and six new works on paper. ** ALL ORIGINALS **

See more about A.Pozas here.


Yorkshire-based artist and screen printer, Angus Vasili, brings us two of his new limited edition creations in his classic, recognisable textural, layered architecture style. 

See more of Angus Vasili here.


Also showing in the Brighton: Places, Spaces and Faces show, we just had to get some of Billy Chainsaw’s new one-off upcycled ceramic 3D creations on show in the gallery too! 

Read more about Billy Chainsaw here.


New to the Conclave Gallery artist community, we’re thrilled to welcome Belles Petite onto our walls.  The Birmingham-based fine artist has given us a selection of her limited-edition smaller print works for display, but please ask us if you are interested in commissioning larger versions of these works.

Read more about Belles Petite here.


Emerging artist, Louis Bowes, has been with us since our launch, and his photo-montage works have been hugely popular. We’re loving these 3 new works which are gracing the Conclave walls for this show.

See more about Louis Bowes here.


All-round creative whizz and visual (and musical!) genius, Richie Phoe, is showing two new originals with us for this show. These very special works join his collection of super-affordable, limited-edition risographs shown with us previously.

To see more about Richie Phoe, head over here