Amy Louise Baker

Amy is a London-born Artist and Designer, now based in Brighton.

Her visual practice comes from an unusual starting place: after graduating with a BSc in Biology, she realised that she wanted to talk about nature in a visual sense, and so she continued her studies with an FDA in Graphic Communication.

From those scientific beginnings, her design and illustration work reflects her love of – and focus on – research, experimentation and a fascination with the surrounding environment. She is drawn to symmetry, minimalism, reoccurring patterns in nature and otherworldly landscapes, and loves to explore these themes with forms stripped down to the essential, using a multidisciplinary approach, and various media and techniques.

Her works use carefully balanced colour palettes, and reflect a sense of spirit and emotion captured within the organic environment; a visual statement of the elements of existence, meaning and interpretation: are these works landscape, decorative pattern or scientific analysis? They are all of the above (and they look mighty fine doing that!)

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Showing all 15 results