Chainsaw & The Girl

Chainsaw & THE GIRL is a unique collaboration between artists BILLY CHAINSAW & GIRL SH*T: one that initially came together for their inaugural show MUSIC, SUBCULTURE & MAGICK held in the CONCLAVE Brighton basement exhibition space in October/November 2019.

BILLY CHAINSAW artist statement: “In my early teens I developed an obsession with American comic books, masks, the movies, magick, and author William S. Burroughs… elements that repeatedly feature in my mixed-media, cut up pop art.

THE GIRL (aka GIRL SH*T) artist statement: “GIRL SH*T is informed by a love of subcultures, music, ’zines, gig posters, fashion, art, design and punk feminism.”

Since then, they have continued to work together, with new works showing at Conclave as part of our subsequent group shows. 

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