Dave Pop!

Dave is a Brighton-based artist, specialising in bright, bold pop art, with a generous topping of seaside sauce!

Dave makes his own versions of the saucy seaside postcards with a heavy Pop influence. The city of Brighton also makes its mark, with its trashy, tacky seafront, and vintage fairground style art and carousel horses.

Every piece starts as a drawing and is then digitally manipulated into a digital artwork to produce super-bright, popping colours in their final giclee print medium.

Dave Pop! was born in Swansea in 1969, studied Fine Art at Coventry University, and moved to Brighton in the early 1990s. The lure of the city’s exotic nightlife saw Dave becoming a club kid, wearing outrageous outfits, and even making them for local drag queens. He also became a wannabe pop star, and had a single released “Am I in love, or am I insane”. Sadly, it failed to set the charts aflame, but there are still many videos on YouTube (“Too much make up” is definitely worth checking out!)

After failing to find fame and fortune in the music world, Dave left it all behind and found a ‘normal’ job as a chocolatier. This career used Dave’s talents to create outrageous chocolate sculptures for the rich and famous, including Kylie Minogue, Jackie Collins and Boy George. Ironically, it was while working at Choccywoccydoodah, Dave found some fame at last, as a leading figure in all seven series of Choccywoccydoodah, the cult TV show (which is still aired now.) Unfortunately, Choccywoccydoodah closed in 2019, so Dave used that opportunity to focus on being a full-time artist.

Dave has had solo exhibitions at The Fishing Quarter Gallery, The Theatre Royal Brighton, Brush Gallery, alongside various bars, and completing mural commissions for The Brighton Palace Pier, the Fallen Angel, L.O.M. fashion, the Farm Tavern, The Pink House, William IV and many others around Brighton.

You, too, can now get your hands on a bit of Dave Pop! at Conclave!

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