Godzuki is the mini-monster sidekick of Godzilla, but you knew that already.

Godzuki is also a Brighton-based artist, whose work often reflects her obsessions with Urbex (urban exploration of abandoned buildings), brutalist architecture, Eastern Bloc adventures, and vintage bits and bobs.

She is inspired by the visual language of these cityscapes and urban props: their propaganda, monuments and the commercial design of these near-past places, objects and figures that were/are frequently considered naive, under-developed, unsophisticated and ultimately, other-worldly and crude. She sees the vitality, spark and raw energy within these visual sources as things that have a different, but still very relevant place within our current society, and her works often highlight or juxtapose a detail or narrative to focus the viewer on a particular idea.

During the 2020 lockdown she created a series of works reflecting on the human desire for freedom and movement set against the machinery of modern life, communication and community.

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Showing all 28 results