Several years ago, Maximillion the artist emerged from a single atom located at the base of his host’s brain, where he had been hiding, lying in wait. Later, insect-like, he emerged from his psychic metamorphosis; a recycled human, better stronger and wiser than before…

Discovering a new artistic expression and inspired by the art and revolutionary ideas of the original Dada & Surrealist movements, his art explores the world of dreams and alternate realities. It is surrealism for the digital age, imbued with the spirit of punk.

He uses vintage ephemera and found objects to create his collages, whose images fit together like some unfathomable jigsaw, offering the viewer a vision of unknown beings glimpsed in another realm.

Maximillion’s work starts with an analogue collection of objects and images, which are captured and printed digitally (however, they are not digitally manipulated).

What happens in that fleeting theatrical moment, when realities collide, cymbals crash, and the red velvet curtains part is pure alchemy.

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Showing all 4 results