Montez is a London girl living the Sussex life; an artist, “mother, hot mess and general whirlwind” attempting to live out her life passion and juggling life with her penchant for neon and polkadots. She works from her home studio in Sussex and Ochre Print Studio in Surrey.

Her practice focusses on screenprinting, drawing, and manual reworkings of found images. Her works all originate from manually, hand-drawn images (although she resentfully, occasionally, wages war with digital media to get things to where she wants them!)

Her inspirations often come from her interest in history, be that her own, or someone else’s. Forgotten faces, old stories, drawings, photographs and letters, and whispers of the past will find themselves worked into her visual imagery. Passages of text and poetry also influence her themes (John Donne, Walt Whitman and Sylvia Plath being three of her favourites!)

She is particularly drawn to, and inspired by Victorian anatomical illustrations, which can be clearly seen in the works she is showing in “Pieces of Eight” – Conclave’s 8th Group Show.

And from the majestic to the macabre: she enjoys setting the inherent melancholy of parts of her images against the light-hearted polka dots and super-bright neon inks. She says: “Even the darkest and most sombre of subjects can be given the chance of a happier and brighter life.”

Montez uses ink blends in her screenprint practice, so each print in an edition is ever so slightly different: no two prints are ever the same (which satisfies her indecisive nature!!)

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Showing all 6 results