Her work reflects her great loves of the past, and is inspired by Greek myths, the 1920s, architecture, mid-century design and kitsch, pin-up girls, and all manner of vintage wonders.

Coming from a cultural diverse background, with Jamaican, Indian, African and English heritage, she naturally includes these visual influences in her works, whether this is the hummingbirds from home village in Jamaica, or the graffiti boys she hung out with as a teenager in North London.

Her works use a mix of different media: often using stencils and print as a starting point, augmented with pen and ink, acrylic paints and markers, collage, and lashings of spray paint.

Whilst works may use the same stencil (and have the same title) all her works are one-off, unique pieces, presented in wildly colourful variants, often using fluoro and metallic paints.

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Showing 1–50 of 52 results