PYKY Studio

PYKY Studio is the alias of Brighton-based artist, graphic designer and illustrator, Stephen Moynihan.

In the early days – at the start of the millenium – the focus of PYKY Studio was fashion, designing and printing streetwear, but his direction and output has since moved towards a far more varied portfolio, driven by narratives, messages and meaning.

He says: “…in a push to “Make More Better” work I’m working with broad visual interpretations based around Positivity. These ideas touch on phrases and terms we all think about on a daily basis when we experience doubt or inspiration – “Peaks and Troughs” – the times when one’s inner voice speaks to remind us either to “Stay Up”, “Build Your Skills”, “Get Busy” etc, etc… Sometimes I use characters in my work to portray these messages: a current character “Pete” is helping me to narrate some of the more complex, but equally tongue-in-cheek ideas. I always create my work with a mind to share and inspire others to “keep on” with what motivates and inspires them…”

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