Ellie Pompili (Sfelez)

Ellie Pompili (aka Sfelez) is an Italian artist, now based in Brighton. After a life spent drawing on paper, Brighton’s street art scene inspired her to experiment with graffiti, paste-ups, and interior and exterior installations and murals.

Her recognisable style is influenced by Roy Lichtenstein’s paintings and mid-century popular culture, such as comics, films and media icons.

Whilst her works are bright, bold, punchy and graphic, they also show us a sense of emotional turmoil and of unrequited love. She says:

“This type of love makes us realise how precious the time is that we get to spend with someone we care for – how empty we feel when they aren’t around anymore. I take these personal hidden emotions that we all have and I put them under the spotlight.”

Her works are a synthesis of drawing, painting, stencilling and spraypaint. Her hand-drawn embellishments, adjustments, and textural mark-making are intended to disrupt the final image adding to the sense of “broken” identity, and the problems we often have with reconciling the different and conflicting elements of our own personalities.

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