Snub is graphic revolution fighting the uninvited visual invasion of commercialism. Inspiration is fired by frustration; emotion becomes a plan of attack. Anger is the weapon, and any object the ammo in the fight against the optical overload.

High impact graphics are used to make a statement on anything from backdrops for parties to album covers, clothes, toys, and then back out on to the streets. Experimenting with new techniques to produce diverse works using stickers, paste-ups, stencils and freehand spray paints.

Coming into being in the 1990s, SNUB is the alter ego of a graphic designer, inspired by the fictional robot Hammerstein. As part of the Grafik Warfare Collective and as a solo artist, Snub has exhibited and painted at events across the world, including Europe and Asia growing a glowing reputation with every new piece.

SNUB23 is prolific and unstoppable, and ultimately synonymous with a future technology gone bad.

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