Tom Amoretti

Amoretti is a London-based collage artist, originally from Zaragoza, Spain.

He works with old magazines, books and found objects. All of his collages are handmade using the analogue processes of scissors, blades and good old glue! He thrives on the limitations provided by working only with found materials, and shunning the scanner and influence of computer-generated adjustments.

His works ponder the human condition through a surrealist and oneiric filter; an assembly of plundered memories, images and ephemera generated by the hands of others. The finished compositions are static moments within a fluid and unspoken narrative: juxtapositions of mundane fragments in which new possibilities are suggested through the bizarre, the visceral, and the symbolic.

We invite you to bring your individual stories to your interpretations of his works and become part of a stream of endless interpretations.

For Show 9, Conclave is showing four exclusive print works, all in ultra-short limited editions of just five prints.

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Showing all 10 results