Tula Parker

Tula works in watercolour, ink and graphite, making art that is an appreciation of form, and an exploration of line and shape. Her work is usually figurative, but with the occasional synthesizer and cat!

Her work often begins as a blind drawing, with an intention to simply look, to observe, without expectation of how it will appear. Her line drawings are an exploration of how far you can go with one continuous line, whilst allowing the space to be part of the work. There is a play with what information is actually needed to appreciate the form. The blind drawings lend an abstract quality to her figurative work, and play with the ambiguity of what we see, and how we express that.

Tula’s watercolours are an expression of both freedom and control, her carefully painted silhouettes are made with the more uncontrollable mediums of watercolours and ink.

Film and music are often a starting point for Tula’s work, and she was also shortlisted by the UK Arts Council and Film Council back in 2006 for work based on a film. ‘Beach Jam,’ was shown at The Tate in London, and more recently at Brighton Museum’s ‘Experimental Motion’ show.

Tula is also a Yoga Teacher, and like drawing, yoga is part of her daily life. Sometimes the two worlds collide, and she has exhibited at various studios with ‘The Art of Yoga,’

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