Yureiwomb is a Brighton-based  visual artist

Her practice uses mixed media, but primarily starts with watercolour, ink markers and fineliner pen.

She says:

Art has been the enduring love of my life; a way to release and express an array of mental states, experiences and thoughts. I now create pieces with the hope that this expression of self can go further than serving as a personal catharsis. I strive to help in the healing of others who may recognise themselves within them.

I have always had a particular fascination with the darker enigmas of the human psyche, and I feel this is reflected in my art. The shame attached to such subjects as mental illness, abuse, sexuality and addiction is a societal flaw that I find perplexing and disheartening; and these are issues I aim to challenge through creative expression. I feel that art truly creates an imperceptible thread of closeness between those who suffer such experiences and feel silenced by stigma.

Art is a secret language that speaks to the heart in a comforting whisper and reminds us there are others who empathise. It tells us that our quirks, imperfections and pain do not have to be ugly, nor shameful. That even the parts of us we find most unbearable, or perhaps hate, can be fully embraced in their all their strange glory. These complex tangles of discomfort and self-dissatisfaction have been hastily lumped into a heap and labelled simply “ugly” or “defective” for too long. My artistic vision is to illustrate how stunning this supposed ugliness truly is…Frayed edges and delightfully offbeat idiosyncrasies included.

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