Malice in Underland

Underground art in the underground gallery

In Panteli’s first UK solo show in over 10 years, he presents more than 100 works, created between 2003 and 2022. Ranging from the subtle to the extreme, every work has a message (whether that’s for the viewer, their friends, their enemies, or their governments). Whether you embrace the obscene or are outraged by the works, we guarantee you will have a response to this show!

Social Media culture, right-wing personalities, powerful organisations of all ilks, contradictions, toxic masculinity, violence, and bigotry are all in the firing line, and Panteli’s weapons are humour and filthy language, together with his trusty pens and pencils.

This show includes several collaborative works made with Robert Crumb, never before displayed in the UK.

During the show, original works and limited-edition works will be available to purchase, with further limited-edition prints available to order. Panteli’s comics and wallet-friendly merch will also be up for grabs.

This show is suitable for 18+ only.
Please be aware that this exhibition contains STRONG ADULT CONTENT which is not suitable for younger viewers, and some people may find some content offensive. Works may contain sexual references, sexual swear words, references to violence, drug use, and mental health conditions. Please use your discretion as to whether this exhibition is right for you!

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Showing all 23 results