Suite 16

Take a seat…in Suite 16

The 16th group show of amazing, affordable art at CONCLAVE is here! Showing in our main, central Brighton gallery space from 28 Jan – 24 Apr 2022.

Pop in to see more than 100 new limited-edition prints and original artworks from our curated selection of emerging artists…or have a nosey through their artworks here!

Featuring works from:

Alexandra Owen / A.Pozas Billy Chainsaw / Beav-Art / Barrie J Davies Chris Curtis / Charlotte Donald Wilson / Cassette Lord / Francesca Apicella / Girl Sh*t / Jimmy Dee / Kirsteen Adams / Louis Gale / Louis TF / Liz Whiteman Smith MC Cashback / Michael Panteli Mypenleaks Mishfit Steve Carroll / Sfelez / Skatin Chinchilla / Siu Man Wu / Sprite Tiffany Crisp

Suite 16 artworks will be available online from 28th January 2022

Showing 1–50 of 120 results

Showing 1–50 of 120 results