Beav-Art – Yokai: Yama-warawa (mountain boy)


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  • Artist: Beav-Art
  • Title: Yokai: Yama-warawa (mountain boy)
  • Medium: Digital Giclee print
  • Size: A4 (210mm x 297mm) unframed
  • Status:  **EXCLUSIVE TO CONCLAVE** Limited edition of 50
  • Signed and numbered by the artist
  • FRAMING OPTIONS AVAILABLE (please specify in variants)
  • Unframed Cost:  £20
  • 1 of the Yokai series – save £15 when you buy all 4  here


Yōkai (“strange apparition”) are a class of supernatural entities and spirits in Japanese folklore. The word ‘yōkai’ is a combination of the Kanji words for attractive/calamity and apparition/mystery/suspicious. Yōkai are also referred to as Ayakashi, Mononoke, or Mamono. Yōkai are not demons in the Western sense of the word, but are instead spirits and entities, whose behaviour can range from malevolent or mischievous to friendly, fortuitous, or helpful to humans.

Yōkai often have animal features (such as the kappa, depicted as appearing similar to a turtle, and the tengu, commonly depicted with wings), but may also have a human appearance, such as the kuchisake-onna. Some yōkai resemble inanimate objects (such as the tsukumogami), while others have no discernible shape. Yōkai are typically described as having spiritual or supernatural abilities, with shapeshifting being the most common trait associated with them.

See more at the Wikipedia entry here.

The Yama-warawa is a spirit said to appear in mountains in Western Japan, starting in the Kyushu region, sometimes thought to be kappa that have come to dwell in the mountains. The Yama-warawa has the appearance of a child with long hair, and a fur-covered body, but like the kappa, they perform sumo and like to play pranks on cattle and horses. They hate ink lines (so avoid carpenters) but sometimes help lumberjacks in return for gifts of alcohol and food. They are said to enter people’s homes without permission to use their baths, leaving them dirty and foul smelling.

  • Framing options:
    • in A4 Frame (black or white) +£8
    • in A3 frame (black or white) with mount (white, cream, grey, or black) +£21
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Frame Options

No frame, A4 Black, A4 White, A3 Black with mount, A3 White with mount

Mount Options

None (for unframed or A4 framing), White (for A3 framing), Cream (for A3 framing), Black (for A3 framing), Grey (for A3 framing)