The Science of Spraypainting Workshops (4 sessions)

A tutored, practical and creative spraypaint and street art workshop aimed at young people as part of The Brighton Science Festival Hands-On Half Term.

  • What is a hydro-dip?
  • How can you create tie-dye in seconds?
    These questions and much more will be answered in this one-off experience!

Course tutor, Sarah from STREET ART SCHOOL will be offering an amazing and affordable opportunity for attendees to make a piece of art in a special 1-hour workshop. This session is designed to get your creative juices flowing and also highlight some fun scientific facts and experiments with pressurised paints.

You will learn:
– Health and safety with a spray can.
– Some tricks and experiments to amaze your friends and family.
– To create a stunning original layered artwork using freehand and stencils, which you get to take home with you.
– If you are bringing a parent – you can teach them not to overthink their artwork!

Some housekeeping…
If parents want to stay to observe, please be aware that space is limited.


  • THURSDAY 20/02/2020, 14:30-15.45
  • THURSDAY 20/02/2020, 16:15-17:30
  • FRIDAY 21/02/2020, 14:30-15.45
  • FRIDAY 21/02/2020, 16:15-17:30

PS. Once you book, you will be given Sarah’s ‘phone number by message for emergencies.
PPS. The slot is one hour and 15 mins for health & safety training and experiments. Please be prompt! If you miss your health & safety training you will not be able to do the workshop.

SUITABLE FOR AGES:  8 – 18 (parents are also welcome to attend – tickets are required to take part)

Buy tickets to reserve your place here.

The workshop will take place in the Conclave Events Space, located in the basement of CONCLAVE GALLERY, 9 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3WA.
NB. The space is accessed via the gallery, and then down a flight of 14 stairs; there is no lift available, sorry!