Disorientation & [f]LOSS – Private View

Disorientation & [f]LOSS - Private View

Join us for the Private View launch party of our final exhibition in the basements events space at Conclave Brighton’s Queens Road site.

A site-specific installation by Sukey Booth

This new immersive, site-specific (and time-specific) art installation contemplates issues of cultural identity and belonging in relation to location, migration, shared histories and circumstance.

Recognising the complex world where many of us (whether subconsciously, or otherwise) self-edit much of our messy social histories of heritage and identity, this work will seek to illustrate the intricacies of individuality that are collected together to make up our communities and networks.

Personal identity was never just one thing; a web of inter-locking stories, genetics, histories and influences come together in every human narrative. These tangled webs are made up of many strands: some with obvious beginning and end points, and some that unravel themselves into infinity…

Disorientation & [f]LOSS - Private View
Clocktower & Queens Road, Brighton, 1900 / Clocktower & Queens Road, Hong Kong, 1875

In Disorientation & [f]loss, the artist invites us into a confusing world where we attempt to follow those different strands, where the start and end of linear narrative is unclear. Caught up in a mile of gold and red threads, the remnants and evidence of genetics, travel, experiences and memories reveal themselves to the viewer as they explore the space. We are invited to consider the different ways we transform, evolve and develop: be that physically – travelling over continents – or in time, circumstance and social identity.

The historical and nostalgic is grounded against the current day and current location through integral references to the space: sited in a Victorian building in central Brighton, this work tells multiple stories of circumstances and coincidence: “In the particular is contained the universal.” (James Joyce)

Comprising installation, sculptures, print, “reliquaries”, text and projection, the multi-channel nature of personal identity and experience is reflected in the physicality of this work, and as a farewell to this particular gallery space before its permanent closure on 16th September.

Disorientation & [f]LOSS - Private ViewFREE ENTRY

Licenced bar
(all under 18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times)

Friday 1st September 6-9pm
FREE ENTRY, TICKETS ADVISED – (to secure a space, please book a ticket via Eventbrite here)

2nd – 16th Sept (more info on opening times and days here)

Disorientation & [f]LOSS - Private View

CHANGES: Private View & Launch Party

CHANGES: Private View & Launch Party

CHANGES: Private View & Launch Party
4th August, 5-8pm

We’re holding a launch party for our new group show!
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There will be more than 100 new artworks to feast your eyes upon,  music, chat, art, art and more art, and – most importantly – the opportunity to get your hands on some of the HOTTEST new works from the 24 artists in show:

Yureiwomb / Twydall P / Tiffany Crisp / Studio Goggin / Russ Cast / MsDre / Michael Panteli / MC Cashback / Marnie Baker / Louis TF / Kelly Sullivan / Josef Cabey / Jarvis Weaver / Girl Sh*t / Fanny Fielding / Emma Holmes / Daniel Mortimer Skinner / Corkie / Billy Chainsaw / Beav-Art / Barry D Bulsara / Barrie J Davies / Alexandra Owen / A.Pozas

FREE entry, but advance tickets required – head over to Eventbrite to reserve a place
Licensed Bar

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