A.Pozas: Bright Roots in Brighton

A.Pozas is a Spanish artist, now based in Brighton, whose street artworks are well known in the city. His works are often social commentary on the diversity and complexity of identity, using his distinctive sense of humour and aesthetic style.

For his solo show at Conclave Brighton, he presents new, affordable works in a variety of media, but with a focus on his new Alhambra tiles motif – a reflection and musing on the brightness, diversity and possibility within us all, but that which is so often masked and overwhelmed by the constraints (and restraints) of institutional attitudes in today’s world.


More information to follow!

Sat 14th Dec:   10-6
Sun 15th Dec:   11-5
Mon 16th Dec:  CLOSED
Tues 17th Dec:   12-6
Wed 18th Dec: 12-6
Thu 19th Dec: 10-8
Fri 20th Dec: 10-6
Sat 21st Dec: 10-6
Sun 22nd Dec: 11-5
Mon 23rd Dec: 12-6
Tues 24th Dec: 10-4


See more of A.Pozas’s work here.