Girl Sh*t

Girl Sh*t is a fine artist exploring female narrative, propaganda and subcultures across multiple platforms and practices.

For Conclave’s 8th group show, Girl Sh*t is showing a series of 4 original, one-off collage works. The Elvis Icon series use original vintage magazine sources, against a background of metallic boards, referencing the visual language of the religious icon in the Orthodox Church.

For Conclave’s 7th group show, 7 Wonders, Girl Sh*t presented a series of four new collage works. She says:

My childhood watching ‘old movies’ started a lifelong collection of vintage magazines and film annuals. These magazines are used in traditional cut and paste (scissors and glue) collages that create female positive propaganda images often asking “what would she say?”

The source material papers are carefully chosen for subject, colour, and patinas. The papers in this collection are up to 90 years old and the final works are hand-tinted with watercolours. To make these works affordable, I’ve worked with specialist art printers to carefully reproduce the values of the papers
and source materials in these fine art giclee prints.

Girl Sh*t has previously shown at Conclave Brighton as part of the collaborative project Chainsaw & THE GIRL. See more about that special exhibition here.

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