Past Events Gallery

Past Events Gallery

We love being able to host events in our basement venue space and getting to see everyone’s smiling, happy faces IN REAL LIFE again! So we thought we’d show you a few photos from our past events.

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14/07/2022 – CLUB SILENCIO: Beauty Therapy
Past Events Gallery

A Trans Pride Brighton fundraiser
Written by Juno Dawson

On 14th July 2022, we entered the immersive theatre experience of Club Silencio’s Beauty Therapy.

We expected the unexpected (and got it!) in this hair-raising tale of beautification gone very, very wrong. Macabre B-movie mayhem and vintage glam horror from Brighton’s most mysterious, seductive and immersive queer theatre group.

Described by Brighton Source as “unapologetically weird”, Club Silencio deliver memorable nights from the alternative edge of satire, strangeness and sex appeal.

28/05/2022 – 05/06/2022 – BRIGHTON FRINGE FESTIVAL: This is What the Menopause Looks Like
This is what the menopause looks like

“This Is What The Menopause Looks Like” is an exhibition of portraits and interviews of 70 people from across the UK, funded by Arts Council England, presented and curated by Osborne & What.

After experiencing a difficult menopause herself, artist Catrin Osborne travelled the UK meeting, interviewing, and photographing people going through menopause. This process culminates in an exhibition of photographs and interviews of a cross-section of people from diverse communities and backgrounds: the participants (of various different ethnicities, class, gender status, or disability status) all detailing their unique experiences.

Also featured was video art by Tindara Sidoti, including recordings of people in Thanet’s views on what the menopause looks like; and a video made in response to participants involved in the project.

The private view launch event featured spoken word and comedy song performances by participants Karen Antoni and Carol Carter (aka Flick Ferdinando) about menopause.

Nominated/Runner up for “Brighton Fringe Exhibitions Award in Association with AOH

Past Events Gallery
Panoramic View of the show – click to for enlarged, “zoomable” view

More events and photos to be added soon!